The Floyd Theater staff is comprised of a diverse array of students, all with a common interest in film!


Meet the Floyd Staff:



Aaron Hartley

Year: Senior

Major: English, Minors in Communication & Film Studies

“I saw A Bug’s Life in theaters when I was 3 and it changed my life. Consuming media is my current favorite pastime.”

Favorite Films: Studio Ghibli animation, Werner Herzog documentaries, bizarro comedies, musicals, and arthouse pieces that make you sad.

Least Favorite Film: The Hobbit 3


Elaine Surdyke

Year: First Year Graduate Student

Major: College Student Personnel

“I love that movies can relate so well to different periods of people’s lives.  No matter the mood I am in I can always find something to watch that I will enjoy.”

Favorite Film: She’s The Man

Least Favorite Film: Napoleon Dynamite


Irene Mudd

Year: Senior

Major: BFA in Painting and Fiber Art, Minor in Women and Gender Studies

“Films are a continuing source of magic and inspiration to me and my art. They have helped (and continue to help) shape my identity and outlook on the world, my relationships with other people, and, on a less pretentious note, provide me with an endless supply of quotes to use in social situations.”

Favorite Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums (one of many)

Least Favorite Movie: Mamma Mia!, most action movies 


Kara Rickmers

Year: Senior

Major: Anthropology, Minor in Asian Studies

“I like the entertainment films provide and how they’re able to just sort of transport you into that world. It is pretty amazing how people can sit in front of a screen and be fully captivated by the story being created.”

Favorite Films: The Devil Wears Prada, Les Miserables, Spirited Away

Least Favorite Film: Dear John


Lauren Cockroft

Year: Senior

Major: Fine Art, Minors in Art History and Humanities

Favorite Film: Whip It (but I don’t really have favorites)

Least Favorite Film: (PASS)


Lucy Torpey

Year: Junior

Major: Elementary Education with Early Ed., Elementary Ed., and Special Ed.

“I’m a pretty easy going person and I love how films are a creative/artistic way to provoke feelings or send a message. Let’s be friends and watch movies!”

Favorite Film: Squid and the Whale, any Spike Lee movie

Least Favorite Film: The Lego Movie


Rachel Casey

Year: Senior

Major: Music and Biology

“I firmly believe that life without art is pointless, and that movies are the highest form of art. Nothing makes me happier than watching a movie made by a team of hundreds of people, which can then personally affect thousands of people.”

Favorite Films: Dr. Strangelove, American Beauty, Spy, Whiplash (ask me tomorrow and they will be different)

Least Favorite Films: Here Comes the Boom, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, literally everything Kevin James has ever made